Indie Comic Spotlight Review: Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 – The Crew Picks up Snacks

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Heartbreak Quadrant Phase Two opens with the scene of an Owner Corporation director infected with a fatal fungal infection. Her subordinate is attempting to retrieve her genetic material in order to repair the damage dealt, but it's been stolen.

On Ben's ship, Ida, Kumi, and Duane continue their brawl with Nim. The ship is collapsing around them, and our heroes manage an escape. However, Nim gets out too.

The girls return to the Red Grapefruit, but the ship is afflicted with the same decay as Ben's ship. This leads to an emergency landing on a nearby planet — and a trip to a Nano Mart for snacks!

Unfortunately, Nim isn't too far behind…

Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 cover by Barrett Stanley
Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 cover by Barrett Stanley

Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 continues the exciting tale of Ida and Kumi in a spectacular fashion. The humor, excitement, and engagement remain, and Nim is shown to be even more of a terrifying badass.

We are also introduced to a new character named Riddy whom works at the Nano Mart. She is chatty, nervous, and pretty charming in her own right.

The chemistry between the more careful Ida and impulsive Kumi is still tons of fun, and these characters are endlessly entertaining and likable. Also, Duane is still great.

The fight scene in the shop between Nim and our heroes is pretty spectacular, and candy gets spread everywhere.

There are a couple of spotty "so random" jokes here too. Like the first issue, it's sparse, and most jokes land spot-on.

Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 art by Barrett Stanley
Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 2 art by Barrett Stanley

Barrett Stanley's artwork continues to be great. Its texture, detail, and personality remain between the first and second issues. The colors continue with their neon brightness which makes for a stylish and eye-catching artistic aesthetic.

Heartbreak Quadrant Phase Two is a phenomenal read from a very talented comic book creator. The characters are lovable, the action is exciting, and the art is spectacular. I recommend this issue just as strongly as the first.

Barrett Stanley is currently attempting to Kickstart a physical printing of this issue. Check out the Kickstarter here and kick a few bucks his way if you can. This project is definitely deserving of support.

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