Isaac Perlmutter To Make $1,500,000,000 From Marvel Sale To Disney

austin-powers-mike-myers-as-dr-evil4Isaac Perlmutter, known as "Ike", has been the big name at Marvel for quite some time and its Chief Executive for four and a half years. (Six Day) War veteran, he joined the board with Avi Arad when their company Toy Biz, now Marvel Toys,  engaged in deals with Marvel.  After dealing with Ron Perelman over Remington, he and Avi eventually forced out Carl Icahn and Ron Perelman during the bankruptcy of the company, as Toy Biz bought Marvel, then merged with the company. Perlmutter emerging owning vast quantities of Marvel stock, currently over a third of the company. Stock that will now make him a seventy year old multiple billionaire in the bank, instead of just on paper.

And at $1.5 billion, he will be the biggest benefactor of the Marvel deal by quite a long way.

Perlmutter has been very much the man to have on your side at Marvel and the swings in focus at the company from East to West Coast, to comics to movies, have very much been as a result of his changing focus. He is the reason that Bill Jemas had so much sway in the company for a time over content, and he is the reason that Avi Arad took that control back as well. The sale to Disney is down to Ike more than to any other.

Famously known for penny pinching, I had multiple reports today of his watching every tiny cost at the publishing side, on "paperclips, toilet paper, staples, paper towels and coffee" and Marvel certainly has the current reputation for watching costs wherever it can.  Well, it seems that this care has paid off.  It is not known whether he will join the Disney board, as a result of the deal which will see him owning a considerable amount of Disney stock, over twenty million shares in the company. But it is unlikely he will leave Marvel.

There are no online photographs of Ike and he has never given an interview. Not even to Anne Rice.

In a related enquiry I was asked today about people who bought Marvel stock pre-bankruptcy and have forgotten about it until now. Is it worth anything?

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