Jack Reacher Sequel With Tom Cruise In The Works

nevergoback It really seems like Jack Reacher kinda came and went without much fanfare, but according to Deadline, it did enough to warrant a sequel, and one is being actively developed and fast-tracked now with Tom Cruise attached to return.

The new film, which will not be filmed before Mission: Impossible 5 despite the studio's best efforts, will be based on Never Go Back, the newest and 18th Jack Reacher novel which was published just this September (Jack Reacher the 2012 film was based on One Shot, the 9th novel). This one will see Reacher dealing with romantic entanglements while trying to fend off false criminal charges – with a lot of ass-kicking, I'm assuming.

Christopher McQuarrie adapted and directed the first film, but he's busy working on MI5 now, though the studio still hopes he will direct Never Go Back when the time comes. For now, they are talking to other writers to adapt.

This makes financial sense to Paramount, according to Deadline, because while Jack Reacher didn't seem to create much buzz and made less than $100 million stateside, it did make $218 million worldwide and has also "done well in ancillaries." It's more than enough to recoup their original $57 million production budget and enough to greenlight a sequel which would presumably make the same, if not more.

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