Joining The Dots On The Avengers Assemble Big Bad…

Joining The Dots On The Avengers Assemble Big Bad…You have been warned. This is a spoiler warning. It is there for a reason, because it concerns The Avengers movie and the comic book Avengers Assemble #3.

In fact, the movie is called Avengers Assemble in the UK, which might make this doubly confusing. But make no bones about it, in this post, part of the movie is being spoiled here. Possibly the comic as well. But all we are doing is joining dots here.

Brian Bendis has been posting about the preview to Avengers Assemble #3, on Facebook. He writes;

also this week! the best timed surprise in the history of modern comics at the end of Avengers Assemble #3

The listing reads

PREVIEW: Avengers Assemble #3 – • Avengers versus the Zodiac! But who is behind the Zodiac? • PLUS! The reappearance of a team of characters you've been clamoring for!

I'm going to speculate that the "surprise" that Bendis talks about is whoever is behind The Zodiac.

The timing of the surprise may be that the Avengers movie opened in the US this weekend. And in the end credits, we see that the Big Bad (apart from Nick Fury that is) is one Thanos.

Which would tie in perfectly with what Bendis is saying, if it's revealed he is behind the new Zodiac in Avengers Assemble, wouldn't it?

Bendis has also said that the reveal of whosoever is behind the Zodiac would indicate what he's doing after he leaves the Avengers.

"we get closer to revealing who the big baddie behind zodiac is and what i am writing after Avengers"

"A lot of people have been asking me what I'm working on after 'Avengers,'… 'Avengers Assembled' is a bridge book to at least one of those projects."

Something a little cosmic perhaps?

Thanks to Tom Huxley for pointing out the logic…

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