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There Is A New Nintendo Console Seemingly In Development

Super MarioNintendo had a knock out year in 2014 as the Wii U transformed into one of the best consoles on the market. Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers Wii U, Hyrule Warriors, Amiibos and Bayonetta 2 made the Wii U the best console for first party games this year. In fact, Nintendo was one of the very few developers who came out better at the end of the year than they did going in as it was a rocky year for just about everyone in the games industry.

That is why I find myself a little worried about news of a possible new console from the Japanese company. In an interview with 4Gamer, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata made hints that the next console is in development. The original interview was in Japanese but NeoGAF have gone about trying to translate. Just as a warning, because these are publicly sourced, some of the translations could be a little imprecise. After explaining his frustrations of not being able to implement a sleep function on he GBA SP he said:

Right after the Wii U launched, when you were kind enough to give us quite a lot of feedback, Mr. Kawakami, I had a similar feeling of frustration to the GBA SP situation then. On various points, I thought 'We have to do that next time! But, because of that, because of that frustration, not only do we want it to connect with features next time, we are actually working to fix it for next time.

Now, I expect most of the major studios are at least thinking about what they want out of their next consoles already in some capacity, but Nintendo have been getting less and less afraid to talk about the production of a future console. Every few months a new story seems to crop up on the subject, adding just a little more fuel to the fire that there is an imminent console. There were even rumours the company were going to announce a new console at the last E3. That never happened obviously, but smoke and fire and whatnot.

My worry is that the Wii U is finally finding its feet after a rocky first year and it would be upsetting to see Nintendo give up on it after just three or four years on the market. The console has great potential and if they keep making great content like they did this year, they could have a real winner.

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