Opening The Infinite Toybox

image3Mark Bartlett – (concept/story) Baris Unlu – (story/script) Christopher Miller – (pencils/inks/cover/design) Emma Thrussell – (colours) Harry Stasinopoulos – (letters/design) Kickstarter close date – Oct 6 2015 (11:00 AM BST). Publishing date – Predicted shipping date October 2015.

The Infinite Toybox is an all-ages comic that incorporates multiple genres. At its heart it is a vibrant science fiction comedy reminiscent in tone to 80s movies like Back to the Future married to classic Saturday morning cartoons of the same period.

Baris Unlu writes;

An alien device drops to Earth from the unknown reaches of space. Displaying sentience, it's possessor is granted the opportunity to visit an untold array of worlds and experience adventures of a lifetime. Do you tempt fate and open the box?

That's exactly what Joe and Sean Hill choose to do. A father and son team who run a failing comic book store. Joe is the unacknowledged creator of numerous popular comic book titles, a grouchy individual who begrudges selling-off his ideas decades earlier for a pittance. Sean is every bit his counterpoint,optimistic, kind and charmingly simple-minded.

After a succession of poor business decisions the store is left teetering on the edge of complete closure, leaving the pair praying for some kind of miracle to help save their home and livelihood. In return, the universe delivers them THE INFINITE TOYBOX and it's not long until Joe and Sean's curiosity and underlying thirst for adventure gets the better of them, hurling the duo into far-off galaxies.
On their journey they must survive encounters with alien life forms, genetically modified dinosaurs and evil robot overlords. Along the way their bond as father and son strengthens as they figure out how to survive their predicament, save their business and harness the limitless power of their own imaginations!

Infinite Possibilities

The Infinite Toybox is an all-ages comic title conceived back in 2012 by three friends sat in the pub garden of their local drinking establishment. This unofficial formation of Deadly Foe Comics started off as a casual chat about the movies and comics we all enjoyed whilst growing up, and quickly developed into the first brainstorming session of our now expanded collective of indie creatives.

Combining the genres of science fiction with adventure comedy, we aimed to create a fun story inspired by the blockbuster movies and Saturday morning cartoons of the 80s & early 90s.

Not long after the aforementioned meet-up, Mark presented us with Toys from the Distant Future, a completely hand-drawn and coloured comic book that laid the basis for what would become The Infinite Toybox story.

Using Toys from the Distant Future as a blueprint, Mark and I developed the story and dialogue, creating an updated script for Chris to work from.

Chris redesigned all the characters and applied his strong style of illustration to the overall look of the comic, producing fantastic new artwork throughout. He is also responsible for the cover art which adorns the front of issue 1.

Enlisting the help of Emma and Harry for colours and lettering design respectively, we simultaneously strengthened the Deadly Foe Comics team and completed work on a project that we are all proud of.


Originally what we wanted to do was create a comic as a personal project, to have something to hold in our hands and give to friends and family.

Whilst progressing with the comic we decided to broaden our ambitions to include sharing our work with a wider audience of like-minded movie, comics and animation loving individuals.

We felt the best way to do this would be through crowdfunding. So we set-up a Kickstarter page to cover the printing and shipping costs for a limited run of The Infinite Toybox #1.

A mere 12 hours into our 60 day campaign has already seen us achieve our target to cover costs for issue 1. It is invigorating to see the reaction of the Kickstarter community and that there is a strong audience for independent comic book creators who want to try their hand at self-publishing.


About the Team

London based independent comic book makers. Deadly Foe Comics is a collective of individuals who share a passion for comics, films and games. Bringing together a diverse talent pool; experienced in multiple platforms of graphic design and illustration, photography, online journalism and music production.

The Infinite Toybox is our debut title.

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