Orbiting Around Guardians Of The Galaxy With The Cosmic Catalog Of Comics



Welcome to another Special Episode of The Orbiting Pod!

This week, we shoot for the stars and tackle the two bands of misfits that have called themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

We begin our intergalactic journey with Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrows Avengers Vol. 1, and our introduction to the diverse assembly of Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex & Charlie 27 in their battle against the Badoon.

Rocketing to the 90′s, we look at GOTG by Jim Valentino, with the team finally getting their own title, facing the ramifications of the present days heroes of the MU.

In the wake of the waves of Annihilation, we look at GOTG by Abnett & Lanning, featuring an all new team of oddballs, on a road to Knowhere.

Our final book, is GOTG: Cosmic Adventures, bringing the team into the Now!

We are also pleased to present our review of the Marvel Studios film based on the comic, and the first in it's exploration of the cosmic catalogue!

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