Snotgirl #1: Bryan Lee O'Malley Is Back With A Surprising Read

We've been hearing about Snotgirl for a few months now, and she's finally arrived. From Image Comics, written by Bryan Lee O'Malley, with art by Leslie HungSnotgirl #1 starts off by immersing us in a world filled with trendy names, blogs, iced coffees, and bright colors.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.15.07 AM

Main character, Lottie Person appears to be a flawless fashionista, but in all reality she has horrible allergies that no one knows about. Allergies that literally make her nostrils fountains of boogers. Pretty picture, huh? Well, it's the truth and you'll see so for yourself. As I read through the comic I found myself amused. I knew what I was getting into with the content of the story centering around a popular blogger and enjoyed the character development. Lottie's narration is amusing and her explanation of the people in her life makes for a comical experience. While I grew up around a lot of "texting language," I very much appreciated Bryan including a little bit of an explanation for the dialogue.

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Bryan Lee O'Malley is known for his series Scott Pilgrim and Seconds, both works that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think that Lottie is a bit different from the characters featured in those stories, but they could definitely all hang out in a bar together. As you read through the first issue you may find yourself wondering when the plot is going to reveal itself, or if it's just going to be a whole lot of internal dialogue about Lottie's surroundings. I'm going to urge you to have more faith in master writer Bryan. The end of this comic made me exclaim "Wow!" because I truly didn't expect such a surprising cliffhanger. With that said, I absolutely cannot wait for the next issue. Be sure to pick up Snotgirl #1 from your local comic book store today.