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The Look of ComicsPRO In Portland
Dark Horse's Scott Allie and DC's Dan DiDio in the ComicsPRO bar last night… is it me or do they loo ka little like upside down images of each other? And this is what they were drinking in the bar… And these are the hotel key cards exchanged in the bar…..but remember, what happens in ComicsPRO, stays in[...]
Bleeding Cool's 31 Best Interviews Of 2014
I'd like to thank those who engaged in interviews this year on Bleeding Cool again for sharing their perspective and wisdom with us, and with our readers. Here are some of the highlights from the interviews of 2014 from myself, Rich Johnston, Dan Wickline, Adi Tantimedh, Alex Wilson, Nikolai Fomich, and Jeremy Konrad: With Fred Van Lente:[...]
We Be Geeks Episode 97: For The Love Of Dark Horse With Scott Allie
Bleeding Cool introduces the arrival of podcast We Be Geeks, hosting a variety of guests and covering a wide range of geek topics. This week the We Be Geeks team is joined by Editor in Chief at Dark Horse Comics, Scott Allie Wasting no time, we dove right in on the B.P.R.D, Hellboy and Abe Sapien[...]
Discussions With Scott Allie – Dark Horse's Comedic Triumph In Buffy Season 10, Axes Out In The Goon, Facing Time In Captain Midnight, Staying Scary In Aliens, Monster-Heroes In Criminal Macabre And More
Following on from a massive state-of-the-industry interview with Scott Allie, Editor-in-Chief at Dark Horse recently here at Bleeding Cool in which we talked about SDCC strategies, defining creator-owned as a term, and many upcoming books, Allie joins us again to talk about a whole new slate of upcoming titles, from Buffy Season 10 #7 where[...]