Speculator Corner: Donald Trump, In Decades Of Comics

We mentioned the 1990 issue of Heavy Metal Magazine earlier. But Donald Trump has been in all sorts of comic books over the years.

Of late that has related to his Presidential run, such as in Spawn Kills Everyone, Nightwing Rebirth #1, Spider-Gwen Annual #1.

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03-trump-comics-005-nocrop-w529-h504Nightwing - Rebirth (2016) 001-016 03-trump-comics-004-nocrop-w529-h583

As well as a regular talking head in the recent Dark Knight III: The Master Race issues 3,4 and 6.

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Not to mention a British Prime Ministerial stand-in in Red Thorn #10.

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Or last week's Zombie Tramp , renaming itself Zombie Trump.

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Because he's popped up in comics all across the decades… Badger #56 and #66 from 1990.


Bat-Mite #6 by Dan Jurgens and Corin Howell from 2015.


New Avengers #47 from 2014…



Flint Comix & Entertainment #2 and #8 from 2009.


Robert Crumb's work from Hup #3 from 1989 and Robert Crumb's America #1 from 1995.


Steve Gerber gave us "Darren Waite", an evil homicidal property magnate who is killed by the Foolkiller and utterly based on Trump, in Foolkiller #8 and #9 from 1991.

foolkiller_vol_1_9 foolkiller_vol_1_8

Keep an eye out for Wasteland #14 from 1988… possibly the earliest In can go back for The Donald.


Any more for any more?

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