Sunday Runaround: Spider-Man Robs 7-11

Sunday Runaround: Spider-Man Robs 7-11First Real Life Deadpool, now this. A man in a Spider-Man mask was part of an armed robbery of a Wilmington, Delaware 7-11 Friday night.  Dana DiFilippo of the Philadelphia Daily News had the most interesting take on this, saying:

A man in a Spider-Man mask stormed a Wilmington 7-Eleven early yesterday morning and ordered the young clerk to hand over the contents of the cash register. The clerk complied, and the robber shot webs out of his hands and escaped by swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper. Actually, that didn't happen. He and an armed accomplice in a boring black face mask

And concluding in a similar tone that tipsters should call the Daily Bugle if they have more information.  Setting aside for the moment the idea that armed robbery is no joke, the only flaw in her theme here is that she didn't title the article Spider-Man: Threat Or Menace?, but perhaps she couldn't get that past her editor.

Sunday Runaround: Spider-Man Robs 7-11

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Sunday Runaround: Spider-Man Robs 7-11

The Social Networks of Superheroes – Samuel Arbesman – Technology – The Atlantic

And in some ways, it did! The Marvel Universe does exhibit the statistical features of a real social network in some simple ways. Furthermore, similar to our own world, they found distinct differences between the social structures of good guys and bad guys. However, in some very important aspects, it's actually the opposite of a real social network. Specifically, while in real social networks the popular people interact with the other popular people, this is not so in the Marvel universe. For example, Spider-Man and Captain America rarely come into contact.

Masked female 'superhero' hands out cash to poor in Hong Kong – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

A self-styled female "superhero" dressed in a a mask, boots and a low-cut bodice has been handing out cash and food in Hong Kong's poorest districts, a newspaper report said Sunday.

Cryptozoic brings back Warcraft manga

Cryptozoic Entertainment has acquired the digital rights to Tokyopop's World of Warcraft and Starcraft manga, created under a deal with WoW parent company Blizzard, and today released them on the Cryptozoic iPad app.

Cup O' Joe: TALK TO THE HAT: The Great Renumbering Debate – Comic Book Resources

My suspicion is that right now DC feels like they have an opportunity and a need to make a big splash in their publishing world, and they're going to hit that as hard as they possibly can and make as much noise with it as they can. And that's great because I'm perfectly happy to compete with them on the racks. I'll happily put our Marvel books up against the DC books and let the consumers decide what they want to buy. If they want to buy DC books, that's great. If they want to buy our books, that's great. If they want to buy both, that's great. Anything that gets people into the stores and into the marketplace can only help everybody.

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