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X-Men Gold
It's doing what seems to have been the goal of ResurrXion: bringing nostalgia while still moving forward. Another way it does this is the use of characters outside the usual team, as we see Anole, Rockslide, and Dust used in significant scenes and supporting roles It always makes for greater, more immersive X-Men stories when you can[...]
Generation X
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] You may know from a couple times I may have mentioned it on here, I'm kinda a big fan of Generation X, the classic Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo created series that basically got me into comics. And so when as part of ResurrXion, Marvel announced a new Generation X, by Christina Strain and Amilcar[...]
Stay Cool! Marvel Shares An Iceman Preview
Cover by Kevin Wada We've been promised a brand new, first-time ongoing for Iceman as part of Marvel's ResurrXion plans since the very start, and we are now edging ever closer to Sina Grace and Alessandro Vitti's new series hitting the shelves One featuring a gay male protagonist, no less. So far, most of the previews have[...]
So Why Is Black Bolt In Prison? Royals #2 Reveals All!
Whilst we've known since the early days of ResurrXion marketing that Black Bolt would see the titular character in an intergalactic prison, the reason for his incarceration was unclear And no, he's not a Nazi. Similarly, it may have left readers wondering where Black Bolt's series, by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward, fits in with Royals[...]
A Good But Tame Start: Weapon X #1 Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Cover by Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Frank D'Armata Continuing the ResurrXion X-Men relaunch, we have Weapon X from Greg Pak, Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Frank D'Armata I'm generally not overall a fan of the darker, 'team of killers' X-books, but there have been some exceptions I feel this may be one of them. Pak's[...]
At Least There's No Thinly Veiled Hate Speech in This One: X-Men Blue#1 Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Cover by Art Adams & Peter Steigerwald Well, after the week since the release of X-Men Gold #1 and the controversy that the book and big ResurrXion relaunch found itself mired in, it's easy to see how the other books part of this relaunch could find themselves lost in the kerfuffle. It would be a massive[...]