The Best Doctor Who Spoof In Years. After Some Necessary Back Story

The Best Doctor Who Spoof In Years. After Some Necessary Back StoryThey say that if you have to explain a joke, then it's not funny. I say balls to that. Because sometimes to have to explain it to Americans. Or people who were born after 1980. Case in point.

British television in the sixties and seventies went through a strange blip when the commercial television station, ITV stole talent from the BBC by despicably offering them more money.

So the big names of British TV, Morecambe And Wise, Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore, and Tony Hancock  made the trip, earning a fortune – and then putting out mediocre work. To a man, their ITV work was substandard compared to their BBC output, despite larger budgets and more generous terms. It was like a curse, Some recovered going back to the BBC, some didn't.

ITV also went through a string of bawdy sitcoms, basically consisting of middle aged man ,lusting after busty girls while trapped in marriages with middle aged women while making jokes about iffeminate men. Doctor In the House, George And Mildred, and On The Buses. Here's a clip of the latter.

Sorry about that. Not sure how much you managed to make your way through.

Also, satellite channel Dave (The home of witty banter) shows repeats. You may have seen Jeremy Clarkson make jokes about being repeated on Dave on Top Gear, unless BBC America shop them out. Okay? Okay.

You now have enough backstory to appreciate this wonderful creation of Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse – Doctor Who: The ITV Years.


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