The Robocop Reboot Is Out On UK DVD And Blu-Ray Today And We Like It

Not only is José Padilha's reboot of Robocop (and I feel that reboot is more applicable than ever) on UK shelves today, it was also in the Bleeding Cool letterbox.

Along with this t-shirt and Bluetooth headset. A far preferable option to having cybernetic functions actually drilled into the skull.

robocop shirt

robocop closeup robocop bluetooth

We rather liked this movie, not least because there's an action scene set to Hocus Pocus by Focus. It's not the original Robocop, and that's a good thing. There's no need to make the same film twice, and Padilha has brought a fresh take, with very contemporary resonances.

So… who wants a Omnicorp T-shirt? Drop me a line through the Contact Page and I'll fire it over to you.