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The long-hoped-for and miraculous return of Marvelman at last? Marvel Comics paid the late Mick Anglo a million dollars for his rights to Marvelman, but Todd McFarlane's trademark ownership of Miracleman had been a bit of a sticking point. No longer it seems. Read on.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Cosplay Round-Up: Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 

For one of the true comic shows out there, this year's Baltimore Comic-Con had it's share of comic cosplays. Some of my favorites:

Is Marvelman Closer Than We Think?

Three things have happened very recently.

Marvel Launches Avengers Arena In The Manner Of Battle Royale 

Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker are launching a new Marvel title, Avengers Arena, to follow up on the likes of Avengers Academy. And it looks like it may be a little bloody, as Arcade takes a bunch of kids to Murderworld…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Thor 2 Rumour – Is A Major Character Going To Be Killed Off? 

A couple of good sources have echoed one big Thor 2 idea to me. It's nothing official, but the indications are clear and they've had the right vantage point to read them.

Marvel Planning To Polish Up Edgar Wright's Ant Man Footage And Release It 

I'm prepared to bet that the next time we see Edgar Wright's Ant Man test footage, which was screened to rapturous reception at Comic-Con this summer, it will be over at Marvel's website. Ask me to place a bet just yesterday, however, and I would have said that we'd be waiting for the eventual Ant Man Blu-ray.

Transformers 4 To Get New Robot Cast And 2014 Release Date 

Hasbro's president and CEO Brian Goldner has been addressing the UBS Best of Americas conference, whatever that is, and giving an update on the company's plans for the next few years of toymongering. I know this because I read about it on the Transformers fansite TFW2005.

Most-Discussed In The Forum Today:

Understanding Ethnocrunching – How Racism Works In The Comic Industry

A few weeks back, Rich Johnston published an article by Tim Hanley examining the employment numbers of White women, women of color and non-White men at Marvel Entertainment and DC Entertainment. The findings were awful but not unexpected as the Big Two have long been dominated by a culture of nepotism that routinely excludes women and non-White men, particularly Black/African-American men.

Is Marvelman Closer Than We Think?

Three things have happened very recently.

Ivan Reis To Replace Jim Lee On Justice League With Issue 15, Confirmed

In August Bleeding Cool reported that Ivan Reis was to leave Aquaman and take over Justice League, presuming that would be after issue 16.


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