Vampirella: Best Of The Warren Years Gets Worst Of The Reviews

vampwarIt began with a good review on Amazon for the recent release of Vampirella The Best of the Warren Years, though it had a proviso.

And for some reason they leave out the last page of the second Vampirella story. Really disappointing since it shows the plane she's riding in blow up at the end, which leads directly into the third story. It's jarring enough going from Ackerman's comedic angle to the stories to Goodwin's serious take. Missing a major story link is much worse.

Overall though,a great book. Thanks to the Dynamite for putting it out

UPDATE: Found not only another page missing, but a pretty important one for the story. (See details in my comment below) Downgraded my rating based on that. VERY disappointing.

The complaints started to arrive…

Wow, just found another page missing, and it's a major gaff. In the story "Carnival of the Damned" the next to the last page of the story is not here. So we get Vampirella battling the bad guy and suddenly everything is fine and the story is wrapped up. What's missing is the page showing her win, Adam being freed from the mirror and the carnival burning down. Basically the whole climax to the story. Not going to go through this page by page against the originals, but I'm now much less enthusiastic about this volume.

And again,

It would have been nice if someone (anyone) had taken the time to actually READ the stories before they reprinted them. Major blunders like the ones you've described have made me decide to keep collecting the original magazines instead of spending my money on these second-rate reprints.

And again,

C'mon, Dynamite! For shame! Reprinting old comic books isn't the most difficult job in the world, it really isn't. You DO have talented people in your production department: your "Art of Vampirella" book is really nice. It's a shame no one bothered to give the text of that book more than a cursory glance, however. Loads of typos and spelling errors and widowed sentences with poor hyphens. Your shoddiness is an embarrassment to the entire industry, Dynamite.

Not a great reaction. But it's one that Dynamite were unaware of when I contacted them. They are aware of the matter now and are looking into it…

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