Wednesday Runaround – Singalongasimon

Wednesday Runaround – SingalongasimonWednesday Runaround – Singalongasimon

ContractWatch: Phil Jiminez signs up exclusively to DC on Adventure Comics.

ArchieWatch: Now it's Simon Cowell Vs J-LO/X-Factor Vs American Idol in Archie. I thought this case was settled out of court…

DonateWatch: Japanese children's homes have suddenly received a number of donations under the name of fictional comic book heroes. Firstly Naoto Date from wrestling comics, then a "copycat" using the folk hero name Momotaro. And another receibed donations from the cartoon hero name Jo Yabuki…

GameWatch: DC Universe Online hits the US today and Europe next week. You know if anyone wanted to buy me a PS3 and/or decent PC to play the thing on, I'd be happy to report from within the game. No? Dammit.

DoctorWatch: Shameless went all Doctor Who on Channel 4 last night with Frank Gallagher fantasising an alien abductation dressed as the Tom Baker Doctor Who, with double ex-wife Monica as Leela. Fiancé Libby Croker became the Ciderman… can't wait until William Macy does the same thing in eight years' time.

WeightWatch: 96.3 kilos. Say, do people know I work part time for a radio advertising company, under Si Spurrier's brother-in-law? It's a small world…

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

DC Entertainment Planning 'Green Lantern' Tie-Ins With New Online Game – The Hollywood Reporter

"Fortunately, the Green Lantern that debuts in the feature film this June is based heavily upon the same core canon found in the pages of the comics," Lee said. "In that sense, Green Lantern is Green Lantern, so of course, future expansions of DCUO will want to tap into the same well of excitement and passion and awareness that's generated by such big blockbuster motion pictures."

EXCLUSIVE: Shortlist of Actresses Vying for Next Batman Film – Heat Vision

Dark Knight Rises needs to fill two big female roles, a villain and a love interest. Sources say one character is Talia, the daughter of villain Ra's Al Ghul, who was portrayed by Liam Neeson in Nolan's first Gotham-set crime pic Batman Begins. In the comic books, Talia is both Batman's lover and antagonist, ultimately siring his alter ego Bruce Wayne's son.

DC Universe Online: $50 million gamble aims for audience that World of Warcraft 'can't touch' | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

Initially slated for release in 2009, DC Universe Online took 150 programmers and artists across four U.S. cities 5 1/2 years to complete, at a cost of more than $50 million. That's roughly twice the budget and timeframe of a typical game. DC Universe Online is atypical in another way — it belongs to a rare class in which thousands of players can inhabit the game's world simultaneously and interact with one another in real time.

A Few Notes On The Fantagraphics Carl Barks Duck Comics Announcement

Don't look now, but Fantagraphics just put something on the schedule for its 50th year.

The French Poster for Thor | Superhero Hype

The French poster for Thor has made its way online today, thanks to and

Wednesday Runaround – Singalongasimon

Nike hires Green Lantern for a little BCS title game hype

The more I see of the Nike brand intertwining with Oregon's athletic programs, the less I like it. At least with other universities we can pretend that giant corporations haven't taken over our system of higher education. But at the same time, I have to admit that this is very cool.

Quote of the day | Is DC Comics a two-man operation?

In other words, DC's dominant writers have made the properties on which they work — predominantly Batman and Green Lantern — DC's dominant franchises as well. Even superstar writer J. Michael Straczynski's much-ballyhooed Superman debut failed to gain much traction relative to the Johns/Morrison juggernaut.

Interview: Talking About 'Archie' With Archie Comics Publisher Jon Goldwater

I like to use the line that Disney forth when they bought Marvel, where they basically said, "We just bought hundreds of brands and thousands of characters." And Archie Publications, Inc., which is our parent company, we own hundreds of brands and thousands of characters. Now, of course, some are a lot more well-known than others, but yes, we want to hearken back to our roots in some ways

ROBINSON on DC's Gay JLA'er| Gay comic book characters| Starman/Gongorilla| Justice League

Yes. People online were like, "James Robinson hates gay people" and all of this. Which is utterly ridiculous, and it was a little bit hurtful, considering the gay friends I have here in San Francisco and other parts of the world. It's ironic because in Starman – and I believe this to be true. And I'm willing to be called a liar. I'm not 100 percent sure of this. But I think within mainstream comics, be that Marvel and DC basically – I think in Starman, I had the first main, male gay kiss ever. So for me to be called a gay hater is ridiculous.

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

That's a valid and very disturbing point, Derek. I don't know whether they've ever discussed it, but during Magneto's various periods of rapprochement with the X-Men, I'm certain he'd have been made aware of the possibility. How Magneto handled that guilt, or potential guilt — given the tragedies he's already endured — can only be imagined.

Photo Of The Day: Black Swan Saves Superman – LAist

It would figure that everyday would be No Pants Day for Superman and the Black Swan. Thanks Los Angeles for this profoundly confusing and wondrous shot of a typical day on the streets of LA.

Wednesday Runaround – Singalongasimon

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