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LOS ANGELES - APRIL 26: Larry King at the celebrity chef, restaurateur Wolfgang Puck's Hollywood walk of fame star receiving ceremony at Hollywood Blvd on April 26, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. (Image: Hayk_Shalunts /
Legendary, award-winning television and radio host Larry King has passed away at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles at the age of 87- several weeks after the world learned he had been hospitalized with coronavirus News of his death was posted to social media on Saturday morning by Ora Media, King's studio and network[...]
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 15: Howard Stern attends the North Shore Animal League America's 2019 Annual "Get Your Rescue On" Gala at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers on November 15, 2019 in New York City. (Image: Ron Adar/
Whether you see him as nothing more than "just a shock jock" or a skilled interviewer of folks from across the news, politics, and pop culture spectrum, there's one thing that clear: Howard Stern has changed the face of radio- from terrestrial to satellite- over the decades On Tuesday, SiriusXM announced that Stern, co-host Robin[...]
Old Harry's Game Beats Lucifer Every Time
But while such devilish entertainment, is top-notch fun, may I suggest another version of Old Nick to while away the hours in lockdown? Old Harry's Game... The BBC's Old Harry's Game Beats #Lucifer Every Time – And It's Free Old Harry's Game is radio sitcom created by and starring Andy Hamilton, it tells the story of Satan, and[...]
In And Out Of The Kitchen – 11 Hours Of Delightful BBC Whimsy, Free
If anyone would like to try some delightful English whimsy, may I recommend In Out Of The Kitchen? It was first broadcast nine years ago, on BBC Radio 4, and all four series/seasons are available free, streaming, globally right now And in this time of trial, eleven hours of an over-prissy food writer Damian Trench,[...]
As a radio-only show however, The Archers is in a much better state to keep broadcasting during shutdown, something denied the TV British soaps such as EastEnders or Coronation Street Unless we start to get episodes filmed on Zoom – which may be what they end up doing In five years time when all the[...]
Amongst 500 Pages of the New Previews, Spider-Man Noir Creator's Bad Bad Place is Hiding...
Every copy sold by Soaring Penguin today will see £5 donated to Resonance FM, an independent arts radio station who broadcast cultural and pop cultural programmes to the world, including the work of friend-of-Bleeding Cool Alex Fitch. I could have bought my copy at Thought Bubble a week or so ago But I thought I'd wait until[...]
The BBC Brings the Longest-Running Comics Adaptation to an Finale After 12 Seeasons
But the BBC's adaptation of comic book strip Clare In the Community has come to an end with its twelfth series, just broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It was originally a cartoon strip by Harry Venning about a narcissistic, politically correct, self-serving social worker called Clare, her hen=pecked husband Brian and her only slightly less amoral[...]
BBC's supernatural radio series Pilgrim is back for a 2-part Winter Special beginning this Monday, with part 2 coming next Monday. As the legend goes…in 1195, while on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, William Palmer (Pilgrim) was cursed with immortality by the King of the Greyfolk for denying the presence of 'the other world' – a world[...]
Frank Avruch, Beloved Bozo the Clown Actor, Dead at 89
Credit: WCVB Radio and television fans around the world are in mourning this week with news that longtime media personality  Frank Avruch has passed away at age of 89 Having transitioned from radio to television over the course of his 40 years on the air, the Boston stalwart was best known for playing the iconic Bozo[...]
Welcome To 'Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully'
BBC Radio 4 is currently repeating the second series of the sitcom Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully Which has given me the motivation to find the first series and listen to the lot. And maybe suggest you do too. The writer Eddie Robson, is also known for his Doctor Who audio, book and novel work, as[...]
Tonight BBC Radio 4 Covers Captain Britain
Or that his sister isn't doing too badly these days. Well, BBC Radio 4's The World Tonight is also running a piece at the end of tonight's show I know, because they just called me up, because Paul Gravett was busy I spouted something vaguely around the idea of how Captain Britain has been about the[...]