Why There Is Every Chance The Fantastic Four Will Work As A Movie

les.jpgI have a press ticket to see The Fantastic Four on Wednesday next week, the day before release.

This website has, over the least year or so reported a number of rather negative reports regarding the film. We were the ones that told you that Fox approached other writers and directors with the aim of junking the Josh Trank Fantastic Four and redoing it from scratch in six months. Those approached said no, and the plan was abandoned. While denied by Fox, it was confirmed to Bleeding Cool by by those close to those who had been approached.

We also reported industry sources who told us that Fox believed the film was "a mess". And then there were the reshoots, Bleeding Cool reported extensive filming, again officially denied as anything more than a few days by Fox, but were instead many weeks in Eastern Europe.

There were also what appeared to be planted leaks against director Josh Trank amongst certain aspects of the media, regarding antics on set and what happened with Trank's dogs to the house he studio rented for him. It felt like a plan of attack.

And now we have a press previews and embargoes very close to release. Ant-Man had two weeks before release. This has led to institutions like the Guardian writing little more than an attack piece.

What I'm hearing is that some at Fox simply don't realise what they have on their hands. That there is division within the studio between those who are massively in favour of the film and those who are increasingly worried. And so the plan is to push promotion and a trailer that even the haters agree they like, and use the momentum to push the audience in for a strong opening weekend. But it is countered by those who wouldn't allow no previews of the film, and who believe that audience response outside of the Fox Studio bubble to the innate quality of the movie will guarantee the success of this film, and justify its planned sequel – and then some.

It is important at this point to recollect William Goldman's line that "Nobody knows anything…… Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work. Every time out it's a guess and, if you're lucky, an educated one."

Some films that had the most disruptive shoots, from bust-ups to resignations to reshoots, have given us classics, from Jaws to Superman to Apocalypse Now, the granddaddy of all messy shoots. Even World War Z was alright….

I'm very much looking forward to the film and have been given every reason to do so by those I trust.

But if I really wanted to be sure, I'd be taking the Eurostar to Paris, where the film opens in English the previous night… anyone fancy that?


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