Report: Marvel Twitter Hack By OurMine Security Group Could Prompt Unprecedented Day Of Good Behavior

A cyber attack by the hacker group OurMine Security could potentially lead to the most well-behaved social media day for Marvel Comics employees ever, experts say. The hack, which occurred this morning, posted a single message to multiple compromised Marvel twitter accounts, including the Marvel Entertainment account, the Marvel Music account, accounts for the Marvel Netflix shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Guardians of the Galaxy, and accounts for the films Black PantherIron ManThorAnt-Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain America. In addition, the account of Marvel social media director Adrie Cowan fell victim to the hack.


While these accounts usually post innocuous promotional messages, the cyber attack could have a more profound effect on the comics social media landscape if it were to spread to other Marvel personalities. For more on this, Bleeding Cool spoke to an expert in the field of Comic Book Social Media Interaction at the prestigious Drumph University, Professor Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms.

"If the hackers were to steal Dan Slott's twitter account," Professor Puffinbottoms explained,  "Slott would be unable to track down anyone who mentioned his name and berate them. Likewise, if the hackers prevented Marvel Vice President Tom Brevoort from accessing both his Twitter and Tumblr, he would be left with no outlet on which to belittle fans who criticize Marvel. What would he do instead? Maybe Marvel's comics would have less continuity errors and poor characterization. The possibilities are limitless."

In other aspects of the industry, Puffinbottoms told us, hacks to the Twitter accounts of the likes of Nick Spencer or Mark Waid could "greatly increase Marvel's productivity" by giving the writers more time to focus on work with "less time spent on tweeting incessantly about politics or whether or not Superman kills, respectively." Puffinbottoms explained that the cyber attack could be the best thing to happen to the comic book industry since Charles Soule killed Wolverine.

Unfortunately, as of press time, all of the above mentioned personalities still have full access to their social media accounts and virtually no restrictions imposed by management, and apparently no self control. We'll keep you posted. Unless, of course, Bleeding Cool is hacked next, which, according to experts, could cause the comics internet to see a 40% reduction of typos in headlines, a 70% reduction in articles bragging about reporting something earlier than everyone else, and a 100% reduction in clickbait articles about whatever Frank Cho posted on his Facebook today.



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