Rick Remender's Devolution Will Get People Talking

Devolution01-Cov-A-LeeOne of the most anticipated series coming up from Dynamite Entertainment is Devolution by writer Rick Remender, artist Jonathan Wayshack and colorist Jordan Boyd. I have had a chance to read the first issue and it's… well… it's different. It's a post-apocalyptic tale set in a world where the majority of humanity have de-evolved back into brutish neanderthal brutes as have many other species on the planet. A few humans have survived and have become rather brutish themselves.

We seem to be following Raja, a young woman who is trying to get to San Francisco to find a revolving agent that could save the planet… of course that isn't going well. She gives us a run down of the history so far that pretty much is everything that is happening in the real world up until someone comes along and uses science to try and make the world better… and there by just about destroying humanity.

Without getting into to much of the plot as to avoid spoilers… but this book may be considered controversial when it comes out what the virus that was created was meant to eliminate. Remender seems to be writing with something to say and he's not pulling any punches. The book feels like something out of Heavy Metal or even the original Metal Hurlant. Gritty, brutal and non-apologetic.

The art work for the series is perfect. It has an almost Richard Corben feel which adds to the Heavy Metal style. Wayshack and Boyd work well together bringing this world to life. They create a rich, world that feels like our planet yet something far more dangerous.

Devolution is the type of series people will talk about for both the controversial themes, the strong storytelling and the overall work. But the first issue is mainly set up so we will have to wait and see where Remender and company are going moving forward.

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