Rob Liefeld on Most Comic Books Today: "Endless Talkfests, Just Cackling Heads"

Superstar comic book artist Rob Liefeld is never one to shy away from speaking his opinion, like the time he predicted the doom of DC Comics and the time he got into an internet slap fight with the entire generation of millennials over his thoughts on the X-Men relaunch. So the fact that Liefeld is willing to share a controversial opinion on the state of modern comes as no surprise, with Liefeld tweeting:

And Liefeld isn't the only one willing to speak his mind. Fellow Image founder Erik Larsen, who last week called for a death of an artist who screwed up the coloring on one of his old covers (and then, after we wrote an article clearly joking around about it, like rain on your wedding day, got mad and claimed we took it seriously), joined the fray when someone responded to Liefeld's tweet claiming the Image Comics of today are better than the ones of yesteryear.

And when Larsen talked about the fans of early Image, Liefeld warned against diminishing those old comics lest it upset their fans.

Larsen added:

Liefeld, meanwhile, was forced to fend off the attacks of haters.

Liefeld vowed to represent the power of the Boomer, even though he technically is not actually a Boomer.

But Liefeld doesn't let the haters get to him.

And he promised (but has yet to deliver) to tell us another story soon:

Later, Liefeld had some words for an anonymous hater, presumably in the comics industry, who he refused to name.

Liefeld simply has a lot of admiration for past generations of creators.

Though it's not like Liefeld doesn't like anything published today. He had compliments for some:

What do you think? Is Liefeld on the money about comics these days? And what's wrong with talkfests and cackling anyway? Let us know in the comments.

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