Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss Ask: What's the Furthest Place from Here?

At Image Expo today, Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss, the creative team behind the long-running mini-series 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, took the stage to announce What's The Furthest Place From Here? But before that, Rosenberg took to Twitter to spoil the entire announcement!

It's shocking that Rosenberg would so flagrantly spoil his own announcement, but when you're a big-shot Marvel creator, you don't have to worry about the rules. Then again, Rosenberg wasn't the first member of this creative team to post spoilers on Twitter. Boss seemingly posted illicit images of the script on Twitter back in December!

While these two comic book creators may be rule-breaking mavericks who do what they want when they want to do it, it's hard to stay mad at them when they create such awesome work. To that end, What's the Furthest Place from Here? will star a teenage girl name Sid in a post-apocalyptic world filled with teenage gangs. Sid leaves the gang in search of hope. Rosenberg and Boss teased a big canvas for the story, bigger in scale than 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, though hopefully its issues will release more frequently.

Look for this to launch in November.

UPDATE: The press release version:

The critically-acclaimed, breakout creative team behind 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK, Tyler Boss & Matthew Rosenberg come to Image Comics for an new series, WHAT'S THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE?

"I'm really excited to be making my Image Comics debut with a book that is very personal to me," said Rosenberg. "And I'm thrilled to do it with Tyler, who I can barely tolerate as a person, but is a brilliant artist and collaborator. Together we're working to make a book that we hope will impact people the same way so many of our favorite comics have impacted us over the years."

WHAT'S THE FURTHEST PLACE FROM HERE? tells the story of a gang of young punks getting lost in the wasteland of America. After their youngest member disappears their quest to find her may put them in a fight to survive against the most deadly terrain, the most dangerous gangs, and maybe even each other. Or maybe not. Either way they're going to find out how the world ended.

Boss added: "The story and world Matthew and myself have built is dense and (hopefully) exciting. I've never felt more creatively charged and I've been putting that energy into every page. I hope that old man Rosenberg can keep up."

It launches in November 2018.

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