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Sam and Twitch

Sam and Twitch Get a New Comic, True Detectives, at #ImageExpo

Oops, we always miss one… sorry, Todd. As Spawn heads to #300 and prepares to do a Cerebus, and as Detective "Twitch" Williams heads up the upcoming Spawn movie, so Sam and Twitch get a comic all to themselves again. Well, eight issues of it. SAM and TWITCH True Detectives. All eight issues have already been completed […]

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Annie Wu Announces Dead Guy Fan Club at #ImageExpo

At Image Expo today, Annie Wu took the stage to introduce the crowd to her new series, Dead Guy Fan Club, about the fan club of a dead rock star reuniting to investigate his suspicious death (our guess: Courtney Love did it). Image released the details in a press release: Annie Wu introduced fans to […]

Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss Ask: What's the Furthest Place from Here?

At Image Expo today, Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss, the creative team behind the long-running mini-series 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, took the stage to announce What's The Furthest Place From Here? But before that, Rosenberg took to Twitter to spoil the entire announcement! What's the furthest place from here? — Matthew Rosenberg (@AshcanPress) […]

Robert Kirkman Sings His 'Oblivion Song' at Image Expo 2018

With two weeks left before the new Image/Skybound sci-fi series Oblivion Song hits shelves, Robert Kirkman took to the stage of Image Expo 2018 to not only promote the book, but also to thank those in attendance for their support and explain why working on original material is important for an artist's creative process: Here […]


Misery, a New Series from Todd McFarlane Channeling the #MeToo Movement

At Image Expo today, Todd McFarlane announced several new projects, but one that stood out was Misery. The teenage character comes from the Spawn comics, and McFarlane says that now is the perfect time for the character because of the #MeToo movement calling out sexual harassment. Her powers give her the ability to weaponize emotional pain. […]

Image Expo 2018

Watch: Image Expo LIVE Stream on Twitch – Happening Now

Image Comics is hosting their annual Image Expo in Portland right now, and there have been some pretty big announcements. You can watch along with us over on the official Twitch stream. Image founder Todd McFarlane is speaking now, followed by The Walking Dead creator and another Image founder, Robert Kirkman: Watch live video from imagecomics […]

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Image Comics Expo Announcements That Went MIA, Lost and Found

Over the years, Image Expo has showcased plenty of their now-familiar comic book titles for the first time. But some, it seems, never made it from announcement to publication. Here's a look at what once was — and still could be. Projects get delayed and moved around all the time. This is just an attempt […]

Image Expo 2018

Image Expo Programming, Variants, and Announcements from Landry Q. Walker, Justin Greenwood, and Sam Humphries

Creators Landry Q. Walker (Danger Club), Justin Greenwood (The Fuse), and Sam Humphries (Citizen Jack) will be appearing on stage at Image Expo in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, February 21st to announce new projects. They will be joining Todd McFarlane, Gerry Duggan, John McCrea, Chris Sebela, Jody LeHeup, Brian Haberlin, Farel Dalrymple, Rob Guillory, Robert Kirkman, Rick Remender, Tee Franklin, and Nick Pitarra doing the same. At […]

Image Expo Moves To Portland

Image has announced the date of its next Image Expo, a semi-annual event where fans gather to hear Eric Stephenson go on a rant about the comic book industry. For the first time ever, the Image Expo will be held in Portland, on Wednesday, February 21st, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Leftbank […]

Live, From Image Expo 2016 In Seattle – Comics In Your Image

It's all kicking off! Image Expo is on! And these photos come directly from Bleeding Cool reporter George Tramountanas who tells us, Fans are presently filling in and taking seats for the Image Expo keynote. Jim Demonakos (who sold the ECCC to ReedPop) is at the door welcoming press and professionals. The theme is Comics In […]

Brian K Vaughan To Write The Walking Dead #ImageExpo

Peter Svensson writes his notes from Image Expo. And we publish them! Brian K. Vaughan is on stage. He asks "did everyone buy We Stand On Guard?" and that artist Steve Skroce is blushing from the attention. He also pointed out that Saga #30 next week. He talked about Panel Syndicate, his digital publishing company, where you pay what you […]

Gail Simone And Cat Staggs Launch Crosswind #ImageExpo

Peter Svensson writes his notes from Image Expo. And we publish them! Gail Simone and Cat Staggs take the stage. Gail begins, "So, guess what, I'm doing an image book. With Cat Staggs. Crosswind." We see a woman in a cocktail dress smoking with a gun, while in a messed up bathroom stall. Gail has […]

Ronald Wimberley's Sunset Park And Slave Punk At #ImageExpo

Peter S Svensson writes his notes from Image Expo. And we publish them! Prince of Cats GN creator Ronald Wimberly has a new series, Sunset Park. It's a series of books about different perspectives, gothic horror in Brooklyn. A monster comes across the East River into Brooklyn and changes people's neighborhoods. Andy Worhal may be in […]