Schick Hydro Comes To Beard Country, Debuting Video Game At New York Comic Con

If you want to prove how good your razor is, there's no better place to do it then the heart of enemy territory, New York Comic Con, where thousands of bearded comic book pros and fans, some of whom haven't shaved in decades, will gather next weekend. It's with that concept in mind that Schick Hydro will make its inaugural appearance at the convention from Thursday, October 5th to Sunday, October 8th.

Schick Hydro Comes To Beard Country, Debuting Video Game At New York Comic Con

Male comic book fans and professionals represent a vast untapped market for the razor industry, and it's smart of Schick to go after them so aggressively. Schick has previously released a comic book crossover with the Transformers starring its branded superhero, Hydrobot, and even staged an Escape Room at San Diego Comic Con where, presumably, fanboys were trapped in a barber shop and had to try to escape while Schick staffers armed with the latest shaving technology threatened to give them a trim, exposing their naked chins, cheeks, and necks to the world.

Schick Hydro Comes To Beard Country, Debuting Video Game At New York Comic Con

"Now that we've revealed Hydrobot's backstory through our limited-edition comic book and most recently at San Diego Comic-Con through an immersive escape room – the Schick Hydro Escape – Hydrobot will continue his quest to help protect and defend against irritation – this time into outer space," said Anastasia Tobias, Schick Hydro Senior Brand Manager, Edgewell Personal Care. "We can't wait to bring Con-goers along on this next adventure at our first New York Comic Con fan experience through the Schick Shave Off."

Schick Hydro Comes To Beard Country, Debuting Video Game At New York Comic Con

If you're a fan of horror, here's how you can take part in the Schick Shave Off at New York Comic Con next weekend:

  • Using a Schick Hydro 5 controller, contenders will have five minutes to compete head-to-head in a virtual shave off by giving a series of hairy, cosmic characters displayed on screens different superhero-inspired facial hair looks.
  • Fans who accept the shave off challenge will walk away with swag. Each day, a live leaderboard will track player performance. The player with the top daily score will receive a Schick Hydro "Mystery Box" filled with exclusive must-haves and fan favorites.

The Schick Shave Off will be available to fans at New York Comic-Con (booth 1768) from Thursday, October 5 – Sunday, October 8. Additional activities include:

  • Schick Hydro 5 Lounge – The chance to relax, indulge in a complimentary, custom shave from a professional barber, take photos with the real-life Hydrobot and score exclusive swag by sharing their experience on social using #SchickShaveOff.
  • Live "Schick Shave Off" Tournament – Access to watch Wesley "Wes" Johnson (@Wes_IRL), Amra "Flitz" Ricketts (@FLitz) and Damien Haas (@DamienHaas) from the popular YouTube Smosh Games crew duke it out on Friday, October 6, 2017 for the "Schick Shave Off" crown.
  • VIP Access – Follow @SchickHydro on Twitter for chances to show off your cosplay, jump the "Schick Shave Off" line and take photos with Hydrobot via our daily "Cosplay Cut."

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