Scout's Honor #3 Review: Makes Every Panel Count

Scout's Honor #3 is a great culmination of the story threads that have been built in this brilliant indie post-apocalyptic Mulan tale. With very personal stakes and characters pushing towards their own journeys, this issue makes every panel count.

Scout's Honor #3 Review: Makes Every Panel Count
Scout's Honor #3 Cover. Credit: Aftershock Comics

The Ranger Scouts, following a dog-eared manual from before nuclear weapons changed human society, are the closest thing the world has to a force of order. One of their brightest stars of this organization is a girl named Kit, masquerading as a boy and defying the Ranger Scouts' central tenets, has to wrestle with three huge challenges: discovering a horrible secret about the organization's origins, running from being kissed by her best friend Dez (who thinks she is a boy) and the death of her father at the hands of brigands and robbers. Kit is driven to find answers she can only get by ascending to the rank of Eagle Guard, and the only way to do that is by taking this long-desired opportunity from Dez.

David Pepose has done literally everything right with this script, from the turn from filial love to contentious competition between Dez and Kit to the late surprise and cliffhanger ending. The visual storytelling from Luca Casalanguida, Matt Milla, and Carlos M. Mangual goes from science fiction action scenes to psychotropic flights of fancy to a brutal cage match all show great energy and vitality.

This book is greatly entertaining and offers a kind of YA Mad Max vibe that's well worth your time. RATING: BUY.

Scout's Honor #3
By David Pepose, Luca Casalanguida
Forced to confront her suspicions about Ranger Scout society, Kit undertakes the grueling Eagle's Guard Trials on her quest for the truth — but standing in her path is Dez, the Scoutmaster's son and her oldest friend. And Dez is not going to let this badge of honor go without a fight …

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