Secret Empire #1 Brings You 14 Signs You May Be Living In A Fascist Society

Secret Empire #1  from Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven is published today from Marvel Comics. I don't know if you noticed at all. Well, America is now all fascist all the time and it's totally different from what's actually happening around the world. Totally.


1. A little Might-Makes-Right show of force from the top, despairing of a previous weak regime. Does it feel familiar?


2. There's the recitation of state propaganda en masse, in class. Don't mistake this for the Pledge Of Allegiance, okay?


3. They burn history books and replace them with new, approved versions of a new history. And nothing like when Texas history books were rewritten to take out the KKK, Jim Crow laws or what the Civil War was fought over.

Hell, Hydra won't even allow recycling?


4. They put up state propaganda in classrooms. Don't mistake this for recycling signs, okay?


5. They weaponise children into acting against their family as agents of the state. Which is nothing like how British children are taught to turn in neighbours who may be cheating on their taxes.


6. They make the trains run on time.

7. They take the wildest conspiracy theories – and act on them!


Has Alex Jones seen this yet? Will this be on Infowars before teatime? You can find such discussion right here and here.

8. There are deals with foreign powers who may be opposed to them, but used to keep them in check. See the Russian/German non-aggression pact, without which World War II would have been over far sooner.


9. Oh and concentration camps too. Although the phrase "indefinite custody" – Canada, we're looking at you now.


10-14, Then there's very favourable crime, market, labour news and more international deals, from a media disinclined to challenge the status quo. That's… well, that's everywhere.

The pattern seems to be to take the language of the world, excesses here and there and concentrate them together. It;s a look at all sorts of government overreach, the things some people take for granted, the many things that are happening on our doorsteps that don't happen to have a swastika on them, and question where they are coming from and why they are occurring.

If there's anything here you recognise, it might be worth taking a closer look.

And for those for whom all this is a complete anathema…. it all goes away in the autumn.

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