Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day Hammers Home The Message About Captain America (SPOILERS)

Today's Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino gives an account of the battle that saw Hydra establish its dominance of the USA, led by Captain America, taking down the heroes who were a) not trapped outside the planetary shield and b) not trapped inside Manhattan's darkforce dimension.

During which we get an idea of how exactly the Vision and Scarlet Witch became members of Hydra's Avengers.


One hacked by tech, the other by magical enchantment.


But the final scene and maybe a glimpse of what may have turned Thor Odinson, has proved the most controversial. Though do check out the use of metronomic alternating colour panels, and combined panels with that to hammer home (as it were) the details of battles but the important climactic moment.


Steve Rogers lifts Mjolnir, because he is deemed worthy.

Thing is Steve Rogers always used to be able to lift Mjolnir in the comic books. He was almost the only human who could. It didn't transform him, but it did enable him to do this.


It underlines that this Captain America is the same Steve Rogers he has always been. His moral compass may have been altered, but he is still selfless, honourable and committed – and in battle has defeated his enemies, without succumbing to pride, boastfulness or the desecration of the defeated. And he has no doubt that he is doing the right thing. In the eyes of Asgard that makes him worthy – as well as a fascist.

Fascism never seems to have had a problem with the Norse gods, and they don't seem to have a problem with fascism either…


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