Secrets Of The New Marvel Universe – Cyclops, Daredevil And Mary Jane…. (SPOILERS)

Featuring scenes from Extraordinary X-Men #2, All-New X-Men #1, All-New Inhumans #1, Daredevil #1, Doctor Strange #3 and Invincible Iron Man #3.

So we have learned in previous episodes that Cyclops (the adult version rather than the time-travelling teenage version) did a Very Bad Thing. And also that he is dead.

In All-New X-Men, he gets the sobriquet…


…world's most hated mutant. But what went down? Extraordinary X-Men gets closer to the answer.

IMG_0009Cyclops attacking Inhumans? Could it be over the new effect of Terrigen mists, killing and sterilising mutants? I'm also wondering if this ties in with the new state of reality, Neutronium stabilising as Iso-8, Terrigen mists becoming mutant poisonous? But Cyclops isn't the only mutant attacking Inhumans, from All-New Inhumans the return of a Marauder…IMG_0021

Another effect of the new Marvel universe is a return for Daredevil to having a secret identity again. But not for Foggy.


But how? Could it be Mephisto? Daredevil doing a deal with the devil? It does seem to have been a conscious act on Daredevil's and Mephisto does have a penchant for this kind of thing…


Magic has also gone wrong in the new Marvel Universe  – or at least it is different. And Doctor Strange is coping with the after effects of that with the slaughter of his cosmic compatriots….

And what about Mary Jane? Moving to Iron Man, no news on a girlfriend or biological sister situation.. but she has opened a new nightclub. Well away from New York's superhero/supervillain fights…

IMG_0032 Of course, you're out on a night in Chicago, it's gets to dance o'clock, everyone screams "let's hit The Jackpot!"

And finally…


Do you ever get that feeling that a comic book character is talking right to you?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will be hosting a signing by Burton C Bell and Noel Guard for the graphic novel The Industrialist on December 14th



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