Shadowman #2 Review: A Luau for the Voodoo Loas

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Shadowman is back from the Deadside, but he's lost his scythe to Baron Samedi. Worse yet, Alyssa tells him that she believes that Samedi has been making moves in Louisiana for some time. The two go out on the town to investigate Samedi's influence in New Orleans while an earthly clandestine group plans against Jack Boniface from the shadows.

Shadowman #2 cover by Tonci Zonjic
Shadowman #2 cover by Tonci Zonjic

Shadowman continues off its explosive return by expanding upon the current state of New Orleans now that Jack is back. As such, the first half of the issue runs a little slower, with evil men in suits talking about their plans to kill Shadowman and a child's death not given remotely the weight it requires. There is a line of subtext here about the rich literally sucking the life out of the poor, but it's overshadowed by the magical speak and callously handled child death.

The second half picks up when Jack and Alyssa track down the demon from last issue as well as a cult which worships Samedi. This brings a lot of action and refocuses the comic onto the war between Jack and Samedi.

It would be great if the comic went into why these people have turned to worshipping Baron Samedi; perhaps that is something that will be expanded upon in future issues.

Shadowman #2 art by Stephen Segovia and Ulises Arreola
Shadowman #2 art by Stephen Segovia and Ulises Arreola

Stephen Segovia's artwork continues to impress with its balance of action, expression, and detail. The world of Shadowman is given a lot of depth and texture and looks all-around gorgeous. It's supported by Ulises Arreola's beautiful colorwork which plays of the lighting and shadows excellently.

Shadowman #2 slows down the pacing and makes some missteps in the wake of its impressive return. However, there is still a lot of fun to be had in this war of Loas and otherworldly magic, and the artwork of Segovia and Arreola keep it all visually stunning. This one still earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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