Shockingly, Nobody Dies in This Uncanny X-Men #17 Preview (Spoilers)

Uncanny X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg has made no secret about his penchant for killing off all of your favorite X-Men characters. And we recently learned that Rosenberg, with the possible end of his run on the book coming with Jonathan Hickman's X-boot, Rosenberg may be stepping up his game to kill as many beloved characters as he can before he's done.

Just last issue, Rosenberg killed off two characters, and this preview of Uncanny X-Men #17, everyone is getting ready for the funeral. Well, almost everyone.

Shockingly, Nobody Dies in This Uncanny X-Men #17 Preview

It turns out Wolverine has other ideas, as does Jamie Madrox, who is apparently playing strip poker with himself (and losing to the dupe housing Warlock's consciousness)…

Shockingly, Nobody Dies in This Uncanny X-Men #17 Preview

Wolverine releases Kwannon from lockup, a bad sign considering she's the one who murdered one of the characters just last issue. But Wolverine can't exactly hold it against anyone for chopping the heads off Magnetos, can he? So he and Kwannon are getting ready to presumably kill some more characters when Havok gets in his way…

Shockingly, Nobody Dies in This Uncanny X-Men #17 Preview

Well, at least Wolverine managed to avoid killing Havok… so far. But can Rosenberg go the rest of the issue without killing anyone off?

Find out when Uncanny X-Men #17 hits stores on Wednesday.

Uncanny X-Men #17
(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Carlos E. Gomez (CA) Whilce Portacio
• First…the X-Men lose one of their own.
• Then…the new Black King of the Hellfire Club makes a move.
Rated T+
In Shops: May 01, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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