Silver Surfer, Plus Thanos, Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions

Silver Surfer #50 is such a perfect comic. It combines so many different eras into its pages, from all types of Marvel storytelling. Not only does it retell the origin of the Surfer, but it also features an appearance by Thanos, is a prequel to one of the biggest Marvel events of all time, Infinity Gauntlet, and in the most 90's thing ever, features a foil cover. This is arguably one of the most important 90's comics Marvel published. Today, taking bids at Heritage Auctions is a CGC 9.8 copy of this Silver Surfer comic. Currently, this important Marvel key is only at $32 and is sure to go up. Check it out below.

Silver Surfer, Plus Thanos, Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
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Kick-Off Infinity Gauntlet With Silver Surfer

"Infinity Gauntlet: Prelude – Special Anniversary Issue. "Deeply Buried Secrets!" Story by Jim Starlin. Art by Ron Lim and Tom Christopher. In this 50th issue celebration, the Silver Surfer fights for his life against a stone golem with all the power and visage of his arch-foe Thanos. Plus, learn a dark secret from Norrin Radd's past. By story's end the Surfer plummets toward planet Earth. Broken physically and mentally, will he be able to warn Earth's heroes of the threat Thanos poses to the universe? Story continues in Infinity Gauntlet #1. 48 pages. Cover price $1.50."

Think about all that has sprung from this comic at this point. Really, you can argue that the MCU was built off the back of what happens in this comic and the ensuing Infinity Gauntlet. As a Silver Surfer fan, this is the modern book to own. Go here to get more info and to place a bid. While you are there, go ahead and click around and see what else is taking bids in this auction. There is some great stuff in this one, for all budgets and interests.

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