Sinergy #5 Goes Out With A Bang

Sinergy_05-1This week brings us the release of Sinergy #5, from Image Comics, written by Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma, with art by Oeming and colors by Soma. Going in with the knowledge that this is the final issue of the series, gave me a bit of anxiety before I even started reading it. Since the beginning, I found Sinergy to be different than most comics. The style of it all was original, and the art constantly popped off the page in a mesmerizing way. It's disheartening that a series with so much potential had to end after a short five issues. However, I can tell you that the final issue definitely goes out with a bang. We've been leading up to an explosive war over the past few issues, and now it's time for it to happen. Issue #5 centers in on the hunters vs. monsters battle, but beside all of that, Jess discovers something that will change her life forever.

We've watched Jess go from a bratty teenager unsure about her future, to a little less of a bratty teenager confident in what she wants to do with her life. Having a father that's also a seer doesn't exactly make it easy to walk away from the family business, but I don't feel like that's where her decision stems from. While her father is an influential character, Jess really comes into her own. She finds herself in this world and embraces her powers, especially after meeting a group of seers similar to her. Overall, Oeming and Soma's script is entertaining, action-packed, and surprising. They really leave us hanging at the end with thoughts about what Jess' future might be. It makes me wonder if the series might return someday. If you haven't picked up any of the issues yet, you definitely should!

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