"So You Think You Can Witch" 40 Pages Of Lumberjanes Gold

Lumberjanes_GhostofIt_001_A_Main It's always a happy day when a new special Lumberjanes issue is out! It's entitled, Lumberjanes: Makin' the Ghost of It 2016 Special #1, written by Jen Wang, Kelly Thompson, with art by Christine Norrie, and Savanna Ganucheau, and it's quite a fun read. There are two stories to love, one longer than the other, but both entertaining and light hearted.

Lumberjanes_GhostofIt_001_PRESS-3 Here's what it's all about:

"Jen takes the girls on a nature walk to show them which plants are edible in case they need to survive in the wilderness. Along the way, she tells them the story about an axe murderer who took his friends out, one by one until no one was left, thoroughly scaring Mal. Terrified and unable to sleep, Mal thinks she sees something lurking outside. Is it…THE AXE MURDERER?! In the second story, Ripley recounts how she saved Jen's life—but did it go down as fantastic as she claims?"

I found the whole adventure in the first story to be very amusing. I especially enjoyed the girls sampling the plant life. Camp stories are always interesting, and one that includes a murderer…well, that takes it to whole new level. This is a really great way for readers to get a little taste of the Lumberjanes style, especially for those who haven't read it. It gives you a feel for the comedy and the friendship. I'd definitely encourage grabbing a copy of this at your local comic book store.


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