Stan Lee's Latest Cameo Is On The Rock's Instagram

If there's one thing we all know about comics legend Stan Lee, it's that The Man loves his cameos. In addition to cameos in pretty much every comic book movie, Lee has cameoed in such obscure productions as a Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man ride safety video, Wicked + Divine writer Karen Gillan's Instagram pagea lawsuit against the movie Zootopiaa Jack Kirby homage Secret Empire variant cover, and a Spider-Man: Homecoming/NBA Finals commercial, to name just a few recent ones. Lee's cameos are so famous they've even got their own line of Funko Pops!

But Lee's latest cameo may be the best of all, as not only is it a cross-company cameo crossover with the star of the DC Universe's upcoming Black Adam movie, but it also expands Lee's cameo domain outside the world of comics-related properties and into the world of pro wrestling. That's because Lee's latest cameo is on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram page!

"This man. This legend," Johnson wrote. "When I first broke into Hollywood 17yrs ago, Stan Lee (iconic co creator of Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Dr Strange etc) welcomed me with open arms. Always offering sage advice to help build my career. Be imaginative, set no limits.. have fun, he said. Years had gone by, but at Stan's #LAComicCon I had the opportunity to hug him again and say thank you. I was also truly moved yesterday by his words regarding the career I've been fortunate enough to build. Much more to accomplish. Cheers my friend to imagination, no limits and fun. Next time tequila's on me!"

Where will Stan Lee cameo next? Are you doing anything next week? Give him a call and maybe he'll cameo on your Instagram next!

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