Could Pei Be The Other Iron Fist?

Marvel are going to be releasing a new Iron Fists series later this year, written by Kaare Andrews with art by Afu Chan. It features Danny Rand and an apparently six-year-old Asian girl as another Iron Fist. It has been suggested that this is Pei, who first appeared in Kaare Andrews'  Iron Fist: The Living […]

A Few Fun Thoughts About Marvel Now: Divided We Stand, Today

Marvel is a town without mutants. Unless they are Deadpool. There are seven Deadpool related titles I can count. Did I miss any? Mind you, they have also reduced the amount of Inhumans titles, it seems, to Uncanny Inhumans and Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur. Miles Morales/Spider-Gwen is a love match that I'm hoping Peter […]

Also From Marvel NOW… Spider-Kisses, Namor's Back, But No More X-Men?

A few other things we learnt from our bearded industry insider, before he suddenly went quiet, Was he shut down by mysterious forces? We don't know. Expect Namor to come back from the dead in Squadron Supreme by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk. Thunderbolts will see the incarceration of Winter Soldier by Jim Zub and John Malin. […]

Scoop: Richard Rider To Return In A New Nova #1 For Marvel Now (ART UPDATE)

That's what my bearded industry insider who is looking nervously around from side to side is saying. A new Nova #1. With Richard Rider as Nova. No creative team is mentioned. The current Nova seems busy enough in Champions and other titles. But this is another example of Marvel going Twice-Characterly. See more coverage through […]

Scoop: Chip Zdarsky Launches Star-Lord For Marvel NOW! (ART UPDATE)

We don't know the artist. But my bearded industry informer tells me that Chip Zdarsky, fresh from finishing Howard The Duck, will be writing a new Star-Lord series. He recent had an early days series that was cancelled, but with Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 ahead of us, Marvel is ramping up their Guardians Of […]

Scoop: Marco Chechetto Will Draw Nicole Perlman's Gamora For Marvel NOW! (ART UPDATE)

It was announced two years ago, that Guardians Of The Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perlman would be writing a Gamora comic book series. And then… nothing. Until now. A bearded industry insider lets us know that Marco Chechetto, artist on Avengers World and Punisher, is the new announced artist on the book, coming out from Marvel as […]