Superboy's First Kill, In Today's Superman #1

Superman kills.

He does. Not a lot, but even now and then he takes a life. Plenty of comic creators preach at that, but he does.

And that's not just snapping Zod's neck in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel movie. It's throwing a general off a cliff and blowing up an airplane back in the very original Superman #1 – oh and testifying against the survivors so they got the death penalty. In Superman #2 letting a bad guy die of poison gas in front of him, b;owing up another plane and letting a truck full of criminals fall off a cliff. It's Superman killing Zod and his crew in John Byrne's Superman comic. Throwing the mortal Zod in a death throw, plummeting to his death in Superman II. Killing a sentient Kryptonian dragon in his recent monthly comic. Mr Mxyzptlk in Alan Moore and Curt Swan's Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow.  Killing Imperiax and Braniac in Worlds At War, sending them to the moment of the Big Bang. And, of course, Doomsday.

It happens.

And, in today's Superman #1, it happens… to Jonathan Clark. Superboy. Out, in the fields with his cat. Who is captured by an eagle.

Superman (2016-) 001-010 And yes I had to google on whether or not that could actually happen.

Apparently so. Yak. Maybe Jonathan also saw that video because…

Superman (2016-) 001-011  Oh dear. That's not an eagle in the flames, is it?

Superman (2016-) 001-012Can American learn to truly love a cat killer? One women's life was destroyed just for putting one in a bin…

Superman #1 is published today by DC Comics.


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