Superior Spider-Man and Friends…Or Is It Amazing? Panel at New York Comic Con

Steve Wacker announced the panel as "Amazing Spider-Man", puzzling fans a little. Surely Superior is Superior?

photoSenior Editor Steve Wacker introduced the "players" on the panel, including Dan Slott, "the man who killed Peter Parker", Nick Spencer (writer on the Superior Foes of Spider-Man), Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ellie Pyle (Assistant Editor), Humberto Ramos (artist on Superior), Sana Amanat, and Jay Thomas, teasing big announcements later in the panel.

Then the panel moved quickly into teasers and upcoming books:

Further into the Venom arc, there's going to be "the birth of a new Goblin".

Coming up in November, there'll be the first Superior Spider-Man Annual, and Aunt May is going to get to see "the darker side of the Superior Spider-Man" as he changes things in his world.

In December we'll see the return of Peter Parker ("kindof") in 5 flashback Peter Parker stories for those languishing.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up's going to show us what happens when Superior Spider-Man tries to have his own team and winds up facing some major forces. In issue #9, some of the "seeds that Dan is planting" are going to bear fruit according to editorial.

Wacker says Marvel has saved some of the "biggest announcement for last" this year. The teaser for The End plaguing fans. It's going to tie directly into Superior Spider-Man, which Slott says it's all been building to, as he's been setting up dominoes. The new storyline name will be Goblin Nation, coming in February 2014. Something's going to happen in Superior #26, Slott teased.

Kelly Sue DeConnick was "terrified" as they homed in on an announcement for her, coming in March Captain Marvel #1, relaunching with DeConnick and David Lopez! They'll be taking her to space in a "Flash Gordony, Buck Rogersy" kind of way. "Higher, Faster, Further, More" is the title on the storyline. Carol is on her way up, said DeConnick, "And we're going to let her go".


With three new books still to announce, Wacker moved on.

Assassin was teasing Elektra #1 by Zed Wells and Mike Del Mundo coming in March 2014. She's going to have her traditional costume but it will "cover up her butt a little more" as Amanat prefers.


Punisher #1 is coming from Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads in February 2014. They are moving Frank Castle out to the West Coast and he has to find "the head of the snake" with a whole new set of villains as well as some Marvel universe villains. He is the "hunted" in the story.


The New Warriors will be returning at #1 this spring by Chris Yost and Marcos To. Scarlet Spider will be included. Superheroes of all backgrounds, races, and colors have been deemed a threat by the "high evolutionary". They have to put aside their differences to protect the people they love.


All the new books announced will be monthly ongoing.

During Q & A:

A "precocious" child asked about the relationship between Marvel Studios and Fox Studios and Slott teased that they wanted their studio to get big enough to "buy Fox Studio". But Wacker assured the kid that he should watch movies from both studios.

Slott commented that Peter isn't a doctor yet and hasn't finished his thesis yet, since "something's going to happen" in issues #20 and #21, which will "hurt you a lot in the feels".

When someone asked about the return of The Iron Spider, Slott commented that he should read Superior Foes of Spider-Man, "Just sayin'".

Regarding Superior Spider-Man, there are things that they have "locked down on the book now" that will only be visible in a year's time, Wacker said.

When a kid asked about Spider-Man Noir ever continuing, Wacker said that he would try to make that happen and though there were no plans at the moment…he just couldn't announce anything today.

Earlier in the day, at the "Women of Marvel" panel, Kelly Sue DeConnick had warned that something big was happening in the Superior Spider-Man panel, including something to do with her writing duties and Sana Amanat had pointed fans looking for more female-lead books to attend, too. They, of course, meant Captain Marvel for DeConnick and Elektra in the case of Amanat.

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