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Gerry Duggan to Launch Substack Comics Too, But First a Book of Photos
It's a globe-spanning experience that provides a peek behind the curtain in Hollywood, and behind the scenes in comic books." Photos include those of Patton Oswalt, Meredith Salinger, Matt Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn, Bob Odenkirk, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Lennon, Jon Hamm, Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Rick Remender, Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, Martin[...]
Steve Wacker Leaves Marvel For... Something Else
Steve Wacker was a Sports Editor at Associated Press and an editor at DC Comics for six years before he was headhunted for Marvel Comics in the Bill Jemas era, and has been a Marvel guy for over fifteen years But he won't make it to sixteen. Steve Wacker by Luigi Novi Joining as a Senior[...]
Comics Industry Responds To… Steve Wacker Moving West
But Steve Wacker, senior editor on the Spider-Man line at Marvel is moving to Marvel Animation. Before we ran a piece, Arune Singh, another recent move from Marvel East to Marvel West tweeted apropos of nothing, apparently, @arune Yes. — Stephen Wacker (@StephenWacker) December 19, 2013 Then we posted the article These were some of the responses. Congratulations to @stephenwacker,[...]
Spider-Man's Steve Wacker To Move West To Marvel Animation
Bleeding Cool understands that it has been announced, internally at Marvel, that senior editor Steve Wacker will be leaving the comics offices for California, to take a position with Marvel Animation. Headhunted by Marvel from DC Comics, where he edited the 52 weekly series, Steve Wacker did a similar job with the Spider-Man titles, making a[...]
A Retailer, A Writer And An Editor Walk Into An Internet Message Board
I'm talking about the love that dare not speak its name between Marvel Senior editor Steve Wacker, Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and comic store manager Bob Justice, of Queen City Comics, Ohio. Bob is not a big fan of the current Spider-Man comics And as two issues of Superior Spider-Man landed in the top ten[...]
Superior Spider-Man and Friends…Or Is It Amazing? Panel at New York Comic Con
Steve Wacker announced the panel as "Amazing Spider-Man", puzzling fans a little Surely Superior is Superior? Senior Editor Steve Wacker introduced the "players" on the panel, including Dan Slott, "the man who killed Peter Parker", Nick Spencer (writer on the Superior Foes of Spider-Man), Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ellie Pyle (Assistant Editor), Humberto Ramos (artist on Superior),[...]
When Steve Wacker Punched Himself In The Face
A nice collection of tweets by Steve Wacker, now preserved in their entirety to inspire (or dissuade) future comic book editors… Okay…here we go…"How To Be an Editor" by Stephen Byron Whaquer — Stephen Wacker (@StephenWacker) February 24, 2013   1-Ask a friend to go to her computer and to start sending 250-350 e-mails to you. — Stephen Wacker (@StephenWacker) February[...]
Gender Through Comic Books – And Free Access To Comic Creators
Vaughan, Mark Waid, Scott Snyder, Matt Fraction, Brian Bendis and Gail Simone, access to existing interviews with Bendis, Fraction, Jason Aaron, Dan Slott, Jonathan Hickman and more, and access to live weekly interviews with Vaughan, Snyder, Simone, Terry Moore, Steve Wacker, Sana Amanat and Waid, which you can also interact with. You can sign up here[...]
AVX: Versus #1 Cover Contains No Homo-Erotic Subtext Whatsoever
We're talking the fireside scene in Women In Love, basically. But Steve Wacker schooled us considerably over such schoolboy sniggering So, just as The Daily Show has vowed to finally stop talking about the other Google Search result for Rick Santorum, we're no longer going to refer to any further yaoi interpretations of Marvel's Avengers Vs[...]
Swipe File: The Omega Effect And South Park
Steve Wacker recently tweetd a number of covers for The Omega Effect crossover with Spider-Man, Punisher and Daredevil. Let's have a closer look at that logo. Isn't that Kenny?   Oh my god, they killed Frank Castle's family! You bastards! Hmm Here's how that logo is meant to look. Yeah, still looks like Kenny. In Swipe File we present two or more[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: The Amazing Sales Of JMS
 There's bound to be much more discussion on this issue in the coming week, it'd be interesting to see more data as well. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Fanboy Rampage: JMS Vs Steve Wacker (UPDATE – Now With Added Waid And Slott)  Joe Michael Straczynski posted on an open Facebook page, a link to the image above with the[...]
Fanboy Rampage: JMS Vs Steve Wacker (UPDATE – Now With Added Waid And Slott)
Just sayin' Steve Wacker, current editor of the Spider-Man comics replied; An excellent post, JMS Out of context, out of date and full of out-of-the-blue mean. Everyone on ASM currently respects your years on the book (and as editor I've said so many times in interviews and in the letter column), but seriously this is about as creepy[...]
Thinking Only Of Thought Bubble
Steve Wacker, despite the efforts of a driver who got lost, managed to get to the airport before his flight took off.  Kieron Gillen has his DJ set all worked out And Gail Simone has been round the Leeds City Centre shops looking for a Dalek. It can only be the launch of what many consider[...]