Talking Comics – Rebirth #1's, Civil War 2 #1's, Civil War 2 Discussion, & More!

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It's another wave of DC Rebirth books that are hitting this week! Aquaman, Flash, and Wonder Woman get their spotlight this week and Action Comics and Detective Comics go back to their numbering! Exciting times are starting at DC and we're glad to see it happen!

Three different TV properties come to comics this week as well: Pink Panther, Prometheus, and Sherlock! Some are original stories with the characters, but some are simple adaptations of the TV shows for a new audience!

More Civil War tie-ins start this week! Civil War 2 #1 was huge and now we get to see how two very popular heroes – Spider-Man and Hercules – will react to what's happened.

Tons of our favorite titles ship this week and we can't wait to read even more Vision, The Fix, Injection, Birthright, and more this week!

Don't miss our Question of the Week! War is here and we want to hear your thoughts!

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