On Thanksgiving Eve, Controversial Pie Thoughts From Canadian Artist Ken Lashley

uncannyxmen17Thanksgiving holds a special place in the hearts and ample stomachs of all Americans, as one of our most sacred food-themed holidays. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, and, of course, pumpkin pie, are all essential for the Turkey Day feast. However, not everyone respects these time-honored traditions, it seems, as Uncanny X-Men artist and confirmed Canadian Ken Lashley took to Facebook today to make a shocking and disturbing post about Thanksgiving's quintessential dessert.

We were alerted to this shocking development by Bleeding Cool commenter joella, whose diligence in tracking the benign social media habits of comic book professionals has led Bleeding Cool to this tremendous scoop. None of the other big comics sites have jumped on this controversy yet, which means, yes, you heard it here first, right here on Bleeding Cool (unless you already follow Ken Lashley on Facebook, in which case you heard it there first). In any case, pip pip.

Now, if there are any children in the room, please ask them to leave before continuing to read this article, and make sure that you are seated for this or have a fainting couch somewhere in your immediate vicinity:

How could anyone say that about pumpkin pie?! This kind of callous, frankly anti-American propaganda is really uncalled for on such a special day. He's wrong too, of course. Pumpkin pie, with a little bit of whipped cream, is absolutely delicious. Everyone knows this.

Lashley's distaste for the beloved dessert won't stop him from partaking in tomorrow's glorious feast, however:

And Lashley does have respect for some Thanksgiving foods:

Ken Lashley, your love of stuffing isn't going to make up for those things you said about pumpkin pie. By tomorrow, we expect this to be a full blown scandal on Twitter. Pumpkin pie is delicious, Ken Lashley! Just admit you love it so we can all move on!

Now, if we were talking about cranberry sauce, this would be another story. Because that stuff really is nasty.

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