The Daily LITG, 7th November 2018, Venom>Watchmen?

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In the Venom/Watchmen debate – can we agree that at least the Venom movie was definitely better than the Watchmen movie? Or is that another can or worms to open?

Top five read stories from yesterday

  1. No, Dan DiDio is Not Being Fired From DC Comics – And For That Matter Neither is Mark Doyle
  2. Is Venom Better Than Watchmen?
  3. Could Chris Claremont Rewrite X-Men Continuity With Cable Annual? (Spoilers)
  4. Tom Akel, Head Of Content, Dropped by LINE Webtoon
  5. Is Dave Gibbons' Venom #11 Variant Better Than Watchmen? Joe Quesada Thinks So

Happening today:

  • New Comic Book Day
  • Diamond Presentation at LibraryCon
  • Opening of the Observer Short Story Graphic Prize 2018 Exhibition at Orbital Comics, London.

And a happy birthday to:

  • Cartoonist and comic book artist Lalit Kumar Sharma.
  • Comic book inker Rodney Ramos.
  • Colourist Victor Gonzalez.
  • Comic book publisher and writer Steve Tanner.
  • Comic book creator Keith Howell.
  • Omar Yehia Spahi of OSSM Comics.
  • Cosplay designer Eva Vanecek.
  • Comic artist James Stanley.
  • Judge Dredd, Coffin Hill, Catwoman and Harley Quinn artist Inaki Miranda.

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