The Flash #771 Spoils Itself With Its Own Cover (Self-Spoilers)

Today sees the publication of The Flash #771, which sees Wally West jumping across time, space, and dimensions, part of a new power he is mastering courtesy of the Speed Force. Jumping across the Omniverse in the manner of a transdimensional Dr. Samuel Beckett, jumping from life to life, hoping each time that his next leap would be the leap home. And yes, making that a brand new Speed Force power that he can do without a cosmic treadmill for help. And name-dropping the Omniverse along the way, which enables him to visit the likes of the Superfriends cartoon as well as his own family's future.

The Flash #771 Spoils Itself With Its Own Cover

But the cover of Flash #771 references a particular time and place in Wally West's recent future. That of the Sanctuary that saw one of his darkest hours in Tom King and Clay Mann's Heroes In Crisis, where it emerges that Wally West killing a bunch of heroes, including Roy Harper, accidentally but then fakes his own death, covered up everyone else's deaths by pinned the blame on Harley Quinn and Booster Gold all while trying to put right what once went wrong.

The Flash #771 Spoils Itself With Its Own Cover

Well, as you might expect, that's where Wally West goes next. Though not during the comic book, that would make sense.

The Flash #771 Spoils Itself With Its Own Cover


Instead, they leave it until the very end, final page, cliffhanger, leaving into the upcoming Flash Annual, which, it seems, is where the story referenced on the cover to this comic book will actually take place.

Flash #771 Spoils Itself With Its Own Cover

"Oh boy." Not that this is referenced on the cover or in the description of the annual, below…

The Flash #771 Spoils Itself With Its Own Cover

(W) Jeremy Adams (A) Brandon Peterson, Fernando Pasarin (CA) Brandon Peterson
The lightning-fast and action-packed "Surge" story line races to its conclusion as Wally West returns to the present day with a new perspective on the past and a reinvigorated desire to take back the mantle of the Flash. With one last hurdle to leap, Wally puts the past behind him, but he'll need to propel himself further and faster than ever before to do it.
Retail: $5.99 In-Store Date:7/6/2021

Flash #771 is published by DC Comics today.

(W) Jeremy Adams (A) Various (CA) Brandon Peterson
The Legion of Doom, Teen Titans Academy, Max Mercury's Wild West origins, and more! Wally West's leaps from speedster to speedster throughout time draws to a close as he begins to realize why he's been sent on his quest by the Speed Force and what might be behind it. But with one last stop before he's allowed to go home, will this journey break Wally forever or return him to glory? Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 6/15/2021

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