The Human Target From Tom King and Greg Smallwood (UPDATE)

Tom King tweeted a very nice tease earlier today which was then retweeted by DC Comics publicist Clark Bull on his personal account, which seemed to suggest a Justice League International comic book was to be announced. Given that it looked pretty much like Fire, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, and Rocket Red.

The Human Target From Tom King and Greg Smallwood
The Human Target From Tom King and Greg Smallwood

Instead, Newsarama's Mike Doran semi-announced it as a Human Target comic by Tom King and Greg Smallwood, not actually saying that this was a DC announcement, only stating that it was "apparently" Human Target and suggesting the timing that this possibly meant it was coming out in October before stating that it was a Black Label title and pretty much giving the game away that they'd been given this by DC PR to run but not actually being an official announcement for… reasons. And that the JLI would play some role in the title.

This was doubly clear when Senior DC Black Label editor Chris Conroy quote tweeted Newsarama's tweet, saying "Putting my editorial ego aide for a second, if there's a threat out there to NICE HOUSE ON THE LAKE's "most jaw-droppingly beautiful issue #1 of the year" title, it's this book. It is a damned KNOCKOUT… (If you drew a different issue #1 this year, you can yell at me now. I deserve it. I do love you all, though.)"

So I asked Tom King, "So which humans are the targets" and he tweeted back "In the end, we're all human targets." So, yes, it's going to be one of those comic books. Probably twelve issues long, right?

UPDATE: Tom King tweets "This Fall. Christopher Chance, The Human Target, wants to make something of it."

The Human Target From Tom King and Greg Smallwood

Christopher Chance, The Human Target is a private investigator and bodyguard who assumes the identities of clients targeted by assassins and other dangerous criminals. He first appeared in Action Comics #419 in 1972, created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino. His early appearances came in back-up stories in Action Comics as well as Batman titles such as The Brave and the Bold and Detective Comics. He starred in an ongoing Human Target series under DC's Vertigo imprint and was adapted in two television series: once on ABC in 1992 and on Fox in 2010–2011. Another version of Christopher Chance appears in two episodes of Arrow.

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