The Lost Boys: The CW Prez Says Rolled Pilot Still "A Passion of Mine"

The saga of the Rob Thomas (iZombie)-Heather Mitchell-penned The Lost Boys reboot rolls along, with The CW choosing to roll both this project as well as Maverick. While the Lost Boys pilot suffered from production being shut down over growing coronavirus concerns, there was enough footage filmed for executives to base their decision, and that decision was to move Kung Fu to series. During a conference call to announce the network's Fall 2020 and January 2021 programming schedules, The CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed that he spoke with Thomas and the team about the decision and expressed his hope that the project could move forward once the current "climate" has shifted to some sense of normalcy: "Lost Boys is a passion of mine personally, having Rob attached to it. Once we get through this climate, we will make a determination on how best to proceed with Lost Boys. I'm hoping to keep it going."

The Lost Boys still hasn't found a home at The CW, courtesy of Lionsgate.
The Lost Boys still hasn't found a home at The CW, courtesy of Lionsgate.


Based on Warner Bros.' 1987 horror film of the same name, The CW's proposed The Lost Boys reboot finds a mother and her "Gen Z" sons moving to the seaside town where she grew up – only to discover there's a sinister reason the local cool kids sleep all day, party all night, never grow up, and never get old. Family bonds are tested as the brothers find themselves on opposite sides of a mythological struggle. The pilot stars Branden CookRochelle Aytes, Lincoln Younes, and Ruby Cruz. Mitchell is set to executive produce the project, alongside Thomas and Dan Etheridge for Spondoolie and Mike Karz and Bill Bindley for Gulfstream. Spondoolie's Rebecca Franko produces alongside Gulfstream's Juliana Janes.

Thomas was first approached about the project ahead of the 2016-2017 development season, though it would end up not going to pilot. The network was interested in redeveloping the project even though Thomas' work on the upcoming Veronica Mars return to Hulu was keeping him busy, so Mitchell's script was ordered to pilot. While Mitchell's script is still in play, the initial pilot apparently didn't live up to the script's quality and never came together enough for the network's liking.

"This has been a odyssey for me with Lost Boys. I have been trying to get Lost Boys — I was about to say trying to get Lost Boys to see the light of day, and that sounded so embarrassingly punny to me that I will rephrase that sentence. I've been trying to get Lost Boys off the ground for the better part of four years now, first as a movie, then as a pilot that I wrote, and now as a pilot that Heather's written. We just shot a pilot that did not quite work; we plan on shooting another one. Hopefully this fourth attempt of ours will be the charm. Lost Boys deserves to be on TV."

– Rob Thomas

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