The Tethermen & The Neolithics Take Comics To Poster-Size And Back Again

Matt Bellisle writes for Bleeding Cool:

TethermenNeolithics_KS_BoxThe Tethermen & The Neolithics is a uniquely-formatted comic that starts at a normal comic size, but instead of opening the book and flipping through pages, it opens up into a large poster-comic, similar to unfolding a map. Each side of the poster is a different story, side one being "The Neolithics" by Chris Garrity and on the other side, "The Tethermen", by Matt Bellisle.

Both of us are big fans of the old large-format newspaper strips. There was something about the paper and scale that made the strips feel more like giant art pieces, than just comics… We took those as inspiration to create a different way of presenting the narrative, both in how it flowed across the page, and also in scale.

photo 1With that, we looked at how we could change the way you read the book, without changing the way it fits on store shelves, in your bags & backers and in comic long boxes. Our solution was to create a poster-sized comic that folded down to a normal sized book. The full size of the sheet will be approximately 26 x 20-inches, and when folded down will be 6.5 x 10-inches, right at a standard comic book size.

As for the stories, we have two very cool tales to tell…

First up is a comic called "The Neolithics", written and drawn by Chris Garrity. This comic is about a misfit team of superheroes that operate around 10,000 B.C. The story involves time travel, mutant gorillas, and even a stampede of wild elephants. The inspiration for this story comes from old Saturday morning cartoons like the Herculoids and Thundar the Barbarian.

photo 2On the flip side of the poster is a story called "The Tethermen" and is created by Matt Bellisle. This is a darker story about a group of unique individuals called Tethers, who can jump into the dreams of others, control the outcomes and influence what those people do once they wake up. Some do this for good, others for their own means… But something
dark is creeping in the dreamscape, and the Tethers are being hunted down by an unknown force lurking in the shadows. All their hopes lie in the hands of a young boy and his destiny to bring an end to this dream war and solve their greatest mystery.

This book is a collaboration between Matt Bellisle and Chris Garrity, who have been reading and creating their own indy comics for decades. Having met in college while studying art, we have continued to push one another to create comics and test the boundaries of the medium. Both of us have been working in the advertising & graphic design field for over 15 years, but have always made time to work on small self-published
comics or the occasional work-for-hire piece. Many of Matt's comic pieces and illustrations can be found at his website:

You can support this project through their kickstarter page.

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