The Walking Dead #193 Sold Out From Diamond, Selling For Over $16 on eBay Already

Up until last night, I am informed that comic book retailers were still able to order copies of The Walking Dead #193 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. But as of today, that is no longer the case, that any orders have gone 'to back order'- and that more copies are not expected to be made available. The 71-page story for $3.99 that is causing much spoilery ruction was made returnable to comic book stores to encourage them to up their numbers but from what I understand this has been severely underestimated. A second printing maybe (and maybe for more than the $3.99 of the first print) but I am told retailers are already planning a one-per-person policy, restricting initial copies to those who buy The Walking Dead every week, as the story that Bleeding Cool first broke looks set to be a national news story. Could this be Superman #75 all over again?

As of today, multiple copies have been exchanging hands in advance on eBay for over $16, though there are still copies available on Buy It Now for 'only' $7.

Comic stores should have plenty of copies tomorrow. But it still may not be enough…

The Walking Dead #193 Is a Lot Bigger Than You Thought



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