The Yuletime War Is Upon Us! Advance Review Klaus #6

It's sad to think that there's only two issues of Klaus left. I'm surprised that it hasn't been thrusted into an ongoing position with all of their lighter titles gaining that status. Though a movie may be on the horizon. This week brings us Klaus #6 (of 7), written by Grant Morrison, with art by Dan Mora. If you thought Klaus was an intense read before, things rise to a whole new level in this issue. Lord Magnus has officially gone off the deep end, and Klaus is in for the fight of his life. Something is lurking in the kingdom, an asset that puts much more control in Magnus' hands.


I continue to be incredibly impressed with Morrison's script. This is such a rich, well-developed story that unfolds new layers of action. If there was ever a time when this saying was fitting, it's now…The plot thickens. It's very possible that the reason this comic hasn't gone into on-going status is because Morrison wrote it as a contained story, but he didn't spare us a cliffhanger at the end of this issue. With that said, it must be mentioned that Klaus wouldn't be what it is without Dan Mora's art. The beautiful landscapes mixed with the detailed character designs make for a stunning reading experience.

Be sure to grab your copy of Klaus #6 this Wednesday. Until then, enjoy the preview below:

Klaus_006_PRESS-3 Klaus_006_PRESS-4 Klaus_006_PRESS-5 Klaus_006_PRESS-6 Klaus_006_PRESS-7