This Week's Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 Will Reveal All About "Hail Hydra"

captain-america-hydra-agentI had thought, just like the Death Of Captain America, that they would stretch this story out for a few years, before delivering some kind of resolution.

The "Hail Hydra" last page reveal of last month's Captain America; Steve Rogers #1 caused such a reaction that you could see the dollar signs spin in the bean counters eyes. And advance reorders on Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 rocketed on the back of mass media coverage and controversy.

I mean, he's still not gay.

But issue 2 of Captain America; Steve Rogers will spill the beans. Give away the farm. Let you in exactly what's going on and the reasons behind it all.

So when Chris Evans asked…

.,..this week, he will get his answer.

And so will you. As well as the Red Skull reading a very special bedtime story…

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