Those Were The Bleeding Cool April Fools That Were

It is Noon PST. So it is the time, as is tradition, to reveal all.

So what were the Bleeding Cool April Fools? Well, the site has been updated. The stories that were April Fools, as is traditional, have been labelled FOOL. The ones that were 100% real, or as real as anything gets on this site, have remain untouched.

Which means if you thought…

  1. Mark Millar Has Totally Ghost-Written Today's Wonder Woman #40
  2. 26 Headlines About 26 Comics – Convergence To Spider-Gwen
  3. Forever Con To Launch In Exactly 1 Year. Then Never Stop.
  4. FIFA 13 Remaster Coming To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

…were fools, you were right. But if you thought…

… were fools, you were wrong. How many got you?

There were plenty around…

The Western Telegraph is reporting that Haverfordwest-born Batman legend Christian Bale is to be immortalised with a 12ft statue in the centre of his home town. The statue, to be finished in fetching gold, will feature the famous black cape billowing in the wind and will take pride of place in Castle Square in the town.

The Western Telegraph can also reveal that the Batman statue is just the first phase of a proposed 'Bale Trail'.

The idea is for a series of statues to be placed around the county town featuring Bale in some of his most famous roles, including John Connor in 'Terminator' and that little boy from 'Empire of the Sun'.


Across the net the BBC Shop is now selling Wolf Hall codpieces.

wolfhall_codpiece_hero2 In fact there was penty of BBC..


and… bbc

The Smithsonian exhibited Wonder Woman's invisible jet…


Robert Pattison being cast as Negan in The Walking Dead over on MoviePilot…

IGN made a trailer for Fast To The Future...

Queen's University of Belfast made this announcement,

And we got caught up in someone else's April Fool at Rotoscopers…

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool, a MASSIVE tip from an anonymous source who's reportedly 'very close to Disney' has confirmed that the studio is an early development on spinoff films set in the world created for Big Hero 6.

But here was the best of all…

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